4 Of The Best Alternative SMS Apps For Android!

Android from GOOGLEAlthough most Android enabled phones come with good native messaging apps that get the job done well enough, there is still room for improvement. This is where alternative SMS apps for Android come into the playing field and blew the market away. As of now, there are plenty of apps that can be used with ease in most Android phones, while giving users a whole new experience. Along with speed and customizable features, a wonderful interface is what make these apps so popular.

WhatsApp Messenger: Currently one of the most popular SMSing apps available for the Android platform, much of it is similar to the native messaging app present in the OS. However, it relies on internet services for a message to be sent, shows when the message gets delivered and is quite simple to use! It’s fast and you can attach photos, videos, audio, location settings and contact data to your message, making it one of the best alternative SMS apps for Android.

Handcent SMS: There is a slew of SMS replacement apps available in the market, but few of them have seen the success of Handcent SMS. The interface is slick and easy to use, messages go out quite fast and you can customize the look as you want. There are quite a few added features as well, such as being able to assign ringtones and put in new fonts or languages. All of this put together is what makes it a great app to keep on your phone.

chompSMS: Another cool replacement app for the native one happens to be chompSMS. Simply put, the array of customizable features present in the app makes it a user favorite. You can change contact pictures, put time stamps on your texts, add a digital signature, assign ringtones to different callers and even block numbers so you don’t receive texts from them. Messages can even be scheduled or sent out in batches. Put together in a great looking package and you have one of the best alternative SMS apps for Android.

Go SMS Pro: Considered to be one of the best apps available in the market, this is one that shows off great functions and customizable features that can be tweaked into creating an experience that is perfect for you. It can schedule SMS’s, send pop up texts, go into privacy mode and comes with various themes that’ll have you loving the app completely. It is responsive and rarely ever freezes, so you know it is definitely one of the best alternative SMS apps for Android.